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  • The democratization of university campuses and protecting the rights of students/researchers.
  • Recognizing the Right to Education and the Right to Employment as fundamental rights. Promoting a free quality education from primary school to university and guaranteed job for students after finishing their studies according to their specific education.
  • A single entrance exam for 100% seat (85% for state/zonal quota and 15% All India quota) of Agricultural universities across the country by ICAR.
  • Uniformity in the course curriculum of various agricultural universities and institutes and control in intake of students in private colleges.
  • Demand for clearing vacancies in all state and central government departments/institutions on a regular intervals.
  • Integrating with the struggles of the agricultural professionals and farmers in favor of a radical social transformation and for a national liberation defeating all kinds of imperialist hegemony.
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Students are Facing Serious Unemployment Challenges

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